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The Historic Armour’s Hotel 

Built by John Smith in 1924, The Armour’s was the first brick hotel and was built from brick molded and fired on site.

It was origionally called Smith’s Brick Hotel.  Later it was operated by Henry counts and was known as the Counts Hotel.  This 32 room hotel featured freestone and black water.  The popular Big Band Orchestras played here.  The Armour’s maintains the only mineral bath still in operation in Tennessee and also offers massage therapy.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  

The Armour’s in Red Boiling Springs is a two-story brick structure and was the first brick hotel in town.  Most of it’s history it was known as the Counts Hotel, being renamed from Smith’s Brick Hotel.  In 1991, it was renamed as the Armour’s Hotel.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 and is the only hotel in Red Boiling Springs, or Tenness still offering the mineral springs baths that was the major attraction of the area in the early 1900’s.  

Armour's Mineral Baths
The Historic Armour's Hotel

The hotel is built in a T-shape and has a full-length two storey porch that many gather to watch parades, play music or just sit and relax.  In the 1940’s, each guest was modified to contain individual bathrooms and electricity.  There are less rooms to rent today than before as many rooms have been repurposed for a library, or suite rooms.  

The Armour’s sits on 2.7 acres of beautiful, sprawling grounds.  Enjoy sitting by the creek, walking the property, playing horse shoes or just sitting under a tree.

Please book your massage or mineral bath in advance to guarantee availability.  We continue to maintain and offer the only mineral bath spa in Tennessee, on-site massages,  BioMat and Vibroacoustic relaxing experiences.  Enjoy our gift shop, library and home cooked meals.  

Come see what the healing waters can do for you!

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