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Dinner at the Armour’s

ADelicious homemade dinners are being served Wednesday to Saturday in the historic Armour’s Dining Room. Abundant salads and hearty soups start the meal. Entrees range from traditional spaghetti with meat sauce to culinary exploration of some of the world’s finest dishes like Caribbean Chicken, Thai Yellow Curry, Beef Stroganoff, or Doro Wat Ethiopian Chicken. Our hamburgers are all American Wagyu Beef. Desserts are truly works of art and finish off the delicious menu.

Explore the world’s finest cuisines as we introduce weekly specials from all corners of the globe.

Reservations are not required, but are recommended. Groups of more than four should call ahead to insure quicker service. Banquets and group functions are always welcome and we guarantee we will make your event something to be remembered.