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4th Saturday Jam Music Night Special

By |2024-01-20T16:58:54-06:00August 10, 2023|Events, Restaurant|

Hello, Friends and Music Lovers! Nestled in the heart of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, The Armour's Hotel echoes with the rhythmic sounds of Tennessee and bluegrass music on every 4th Saturday of the month, except in November and December.  We invite you to experience a night drenched in musical magic, tradition, and community spirit at our special "4th Saturday Jam Nights." A Musical Experience Like No Other Enjoy passionate musicians from near and far as they gather in an intimate circle, their instruments telling stories of love, hope, and life in the Tennessee hills. Whether you're an avid [...]

Featured Dish – Butternut Pesto Pasta

By |2024-01-20T19:06:02-06:00June 15, 2015|Menu Item, Restaurant|

Amazing meals from the Armour's recipe library. Tried, tasted and tested by our guests and neighbors. We are happy to share with you... This dish features local sourced butternut squash and local fresh basil turned into a pest (this dish is vegan).  Of course this is gluten free pasta. Our butternut quinoa dish is another guest favorite.  What started as a special became a standard on the menu.  Luckily butternut squash store easily all year.  We harvest butternut squash locally and get to use this amazing and versatile squash all year.

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