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During the Civil War, about 500 Macon County men served on each side. The Highland Rim ridge, as well as family loyalties, generally separated Confederates from Unionists. Gibbs Crossroads, where Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg once had a headquarters, is among the county’s war-related sites. Enlistment centers operated at the Epperson Springs Hotel and at the Webb Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, which was also the site of a hospital.

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Civil War Park

At 317 Main Street are Civil War Trails signs about a Civil War hospital and enlistment center. A Civil War Park was sanctioned by the City of Red Boiling Springs as a new city park on 7/12/2014. This park is located across the road/creek from the present Palace Nursing Home. The Palace Nursing Home sets in the same location as the former Webb Hotel during the Civil War period. Webb Hotel served as a shelter, an Enlistment Center and a Civil War Hospital during the Civil War. Other sites are located throughout Macon County.

Historical Markers, Some paved paths,

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