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Mutt E. Waters River Rentals

Whether you are looking for a slow ride down the river or a kayak to enjoy the lake, both canoe and kayak rentals for all your floating or paddling fun! Mutt's offers Kayak, canoe, and inner tube rentals on the beautiful Cumberland River.

Approximate Distance from The Armour's
54 min (44.4 miles)

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Paddling the Cumberland

With majestic views of the surrounding hills and a quiet tranquil demeanor, the Cumberland River offers a relaxing opportunity for all to unwind.  Mutt E. Waters provides fantastic outdoor river experiences by offering an adventure which is not only affordable, but convenient as well.

Located in Burkesville Kentucky, we are less than 1 mile from the mighty Cumberland River.  So why not leave all the planning and gear to us and let your troubles flow downstream.  Our rates can be tailored to suit your needs.  We also have the ability to give you many other options to choose from which will make your experience unique in every way.

Life jackets are required and for minimal fees River Shoes, cooler floats, and sunscreen are available at checkout.  General float times for the standard Bakerton/Neeley's Ferry destination range from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours for a gradual relaxing float. If you wish to do a longer float we can arrange an excursion which is custom fit to your needs.  Average water temperatures in the summer months range from 48 to 64 degrees; it's an easy way to beat the heat while giving family and friends a relaxing afternoon.

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