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Winding Stairs Park Waterfall

Winding Stairs Park

Enjoy a hike through this beautiful park featuring cascades, waterfalls, and springs--a popular spot during the summer months to cool off and get some fresh air.  An enjoyable trail all year to view spring flowers and fall changes.  There is a trail loop (see below) and easy overlook viewing areas.  The many trails in this park are well-marked and challenging enough for an adventurous hike or choose an easier stroll.

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Beautiful Nature Trails

The Winding Stairs Nature Trails offer hiking trails down to the waterfall and a pavillions with picnic area and restrooms.  The park is engulfed in lush greenery and dense tall trees that make you feel much closer to nature. As you walk through the woods, you will come across lovely rare wildflowers. The park has small streams and waterfalls flowing through it that balance the biodiversity of the place. The small waterfalls make for a beautiful sight to behold. A good place to get your heart pumping faster, lace up your hiking boots and head towards this park.  Some of the plants are identified.  The pavillion can be reserved by called the city of Lafayette at 615-666-2194.   It is a moderate hike, but you can stay on the top level and view for an easier walk.

Hike, Nature Trail, Overlook, Some paved paths, Access to Stream, Waterfalls, Bathrooms, Drinking Water Available

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